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Why Use Solar Battery Storage?

Our Solar Storage solutions allow you to save money through peak shaving, eliminate utility demand charges, store solar power protect your home from voltage spikes, and keep your power on during black-outs.

Below are the best battery solutions so you won't have to waste your time and money continually maintaining or replacing lead-acid batteries.

Solar Street Light

Solar energy is gaining increasing popularity as a reliable source for street lighting around the world. Nowadays solar street lights are powered by PV panels, battery, LED light, smart sensors integrated into a single compact unit.

Solar High Mast Light

Solar high mast light is a set of lights. Which is placed in the middle of the main road, Entrance of Railway stations, Shopping malls, Auditoriums, Theatres, Amusement parks, Petrol pumps, etc. It turns on automatically at the time of night and turns off at the time of day.

Solar Flood Light

Solar flood light  have a solar panel set with LED light that pile up solar energy on which light can be powered whenever needed. It runs on solar energy that means you do not have to pay for electricity bills, solar energy is free of cost for everyone.


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