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E-Car Battery manufacturers in Pune, India

The automobile industry is transitioning to electric-powered vehicles; therefore batteries must be reliable, powerful, and lightweight. To fulfill those requirements in assembly processes, repeatable and accurate dispensing is essential. You can rely on Bentork Industries for high-quality Lithium-ion battery packs. We are one of the leading E-car battery manufacturers in Pune, India for electric car battery packs. We offer performance with improved efficiency, longer duration, and safety. In an electric vehicle battery is an essential component. The choice of battery has an impact on the vehicle's overall performance. Advanced lithium batteries, which are simple to put into E-cars, can provide longer life and the best performance.

for your application and design optimization requirements thanks to our global customer and innovation centers. Power up with Bentork Industries for the battery pack and module assembly applications!

Also, Bentork Industries is providing advanced features as per AIS-156 norms such as the Best thermal management, IP 67 rated battery packs with smart BMS integrated with CAN 2.0 communication, Bluetooth, GPS,4 Temperature Sensors along with a critical temperature buzzer system.

E-Car Battery Features

Easy to Mount
Light Weight & Compact
Easy Replacement
Quick Charge
Environment Friendly
High Efficient
2 Years Warranty (NMC)
3 Years Warranty (LFP)

Built in protections

Over Charge Protection
Cell Balancing
Deep Discharge Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Over Temperature Protection


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