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Why to take risk when you are on Nation’s Mission ?

Bentork is among the world’s leading It is a must to select the right battery pack manufacturer who has expertise in building and assembling military battery packs because of understanding your application requirements.Our lightweight and compact batteries deliver excellent performance for military applications, such as infantry communications, base camps, and military vehicles.

Reliable and portable energy storage keep soldiers connected, aware, and safe. Bentork Industries offers a wide range of batteries made with Advance technology having excellent safety and compact design. Our batteries are Easily Replaceable, Quick Rechargeable with High Backup. We offer Lithium Powered battery packs in Lithium-ion (NMC) and Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery (LFP) variants


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Night Vision Equipment

Night vision equipment offers huge benefits. They enable employees to operate in situations that would not otherwise be possible. However, these benefits outweigh the risks.. As a result, the use of night vision equipment is a growing common factor in military incidents and accidents.

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Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV)

Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) have great potential for naval operations, playing a key role in the battle of the Marine Corps; They can help with coastal and maritime transportation.

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Infantry Communications 

Infantry communication system keep soldiers connected, aware, and safe. 

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Surveillance System

Surveillance systems are used to closely monitor enemy movements, as well as between unmanned vehicles.


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