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Aren't you tired of replacing batteries?

Our forklift and manlift batteries last ALL DAY and have 4x the life-cycles of lead-acid. We build the batteries that work for you! That means no more stopping work to change, no more battery maintenance, no more replacing expensive lead-acid batteries every few years!.

After you try a Bentork Battery - we gaurantee you'll never go back to lead-acid again!

Electric Forklift

Electric Forklift is widely used in industry, especially for indoor operations in Warehouses, Distribution Centres, etc. Bentork Industries offers complete solutions of lithium-powered batteries for Electric Forklift, Electric Counterbalanced Trucks, and Electric Pallet Jacks which are available in both Li-ion (NMC) and LFP variants.

Electric Sweeper Machine

As the name suggests, Electric Sweeper Machines are used to clean industrial floors, Roads, etc. The Unique feature of electric sweeper machines is zero-emission and much quieter than models with engine Electric Sweeper machines are a better option over manual sweeper machines. Bentork Industries offers a complete range of highly efficient, maintenance-free electric sweeper batteries which are available in both Li-ion and LiFePo4.

AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles)

  Nowadays, High-Performance vehicle that is integrated into many industries not only in distribution and manufacturing but also in defense and medical sector which includes all transport systems capable of operating without driver operations. Bentork Industries offers high-performance lithium battery packs for AGV applications as per the customer’s requirement.


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