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Electric Bike

Electric Bike play an important role in solving the “last one mile” of daily travel. Also known as e-bicycle. In the past, Bike were widely used in India, but now with the advent of motorcycles and four-wheelers, the use of bike has become less important. Nowadays electric bikes are propelled by using lithium battery power thus drives faster by saving time .

Bentork Industries is committed to promoting the transformation of electric bikes using Lithium batteries, providing standardized and customized battery solutions to facilitate green and convenient travel.

Bentork Industries offers a wide range of batteries made with Advance technology having excellent safety and compact design. We offer Lithium Powered battery packs in both Lithium-ion (NMC) and Lithium FerroPhosphate battery (LFP) variants.

Technical Specification

Model Name 

36 V 10 Ah

36 V 12.5 Ah

25.6 V 24 Ah


Li-ion (NMC)

Li-ion (NMC)


Energy  (Wh)

360 wh

450 wh

614.4 wh

Nominal Voltage (V)

36 V

36 V

25.6 V

Rated Capacity (Ah)

10 Ah

12.5 Ah

24 Ah

Operating Voltage

42 V – 30 V

42 V – 30 V

28.8 V – 20 V






As Per Requirement

As Per Requirement

As Per Requirement

*- at Standard Environmental Conditions

Electric Bike Battery Features

Easy to Mount
Light Weight & Compact
Easy Replacement
Quick Charge
Environment Friendly
High Efficient
2 Years Warranty (NMC)
3 Years Warranty (LFP)

Built in protections

Over Charge Protection
Cell Balancing
Deep Discharge Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Over Temperature Protection


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